Study partners


Sean has prepared some discussion questions on James 1:1-18 for Tuesday’s community group. Cereal in a piece of St. Petersburg porcelain, water in a canning jar, and green tea in “my Main-e mug” are my motley study partners. Quoth the Saint:

“Of His own will He brought us forth by the word of truth.”


True godliness in Isaiah 32

Our weekly community group continued our study of the book of Isaiah last night. God, as we encounter Him through the inspiration of (or, the inspiration [e.g., “breathing”]¬†into)¬†Isaiah, is indeed a wild being. He is so unlike us.

One insight we discussed is that God equates ungodliness with a) uttering error concerning the Lord and b) not satisfying the needs of the destitute by (given a possible reading) ignoring those needs or actively withholding resources. I feel that the latter emerges from the erroneous beliefs about God and His initiatives (represented by the former). I feel this way because I see it in my own life. I see it in the fissure between traditionally conservative and liberal interpretations of what constitutes godliness.
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As sure as the snow falls


Lunch hour walks in the snow. This is my daily retreat where prayers, ruminations, and chews punctuate my strides. The chews referring to my lunch, of course.

One day my legs may not carry me as far or as swiftly. I am thankful to be a witness of the snow while it is here, and while I still walk.

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