As sure as the snow falls


Lunch hour walks in the snow. This is my daily retreat where prayers, ruminations, and chews punctuate my strides. The chews referring to my lunch, of course.

One day my legs may not carry me as far or as swiftly. I am thankful to be a witness of the snow while it is here, and while I still walk.

I do feel that we will need nothing less than eternal life to exhaust our reiterating fascination with beauty, but even those unending days will not be exhausted. Can you imagine being endlessly thankful in deeper degrees? That I once thought that those days may become tiresome and stale poses no criticism of the doctrine of eternal life. Only my small thoughts and narrow affections are to blame. The tin cup should dare not fault the ocean for its great expanse. Well did Paul say to the young believers in Corinth–“I speak to you as children: widen your hearts also.”

The moment I think that I have become sufficiently thankful, I have stopped the heart and mind in its God-ward climb. To be like Christ is to have God create within myself greater affection for His beauty and His rule than what was there before. This expanse seeks to crowd out the thankless thoughts, the selfish heart. The sin, to put it plainly.

Isaiah spoke: “Come, let us reason together… Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be whiter than snow.” God achieves this, as sure as the snow falls. I walk in it, and my heart of thankfulness widens for more.


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