Mark Galli on “The Ultimate Law of the Universe”

The most wondrous things in the faith can be ignored on the basis of familiarity. Hope. Love. Grace. These are the things into which angels long to look, as the Apostle Peter wrote. Yet we can coast through the heights and depths of these words with eyes closed and the mind bored, believing we already know what they mean. We are far too easily satisfied with small thoughts.

I was moved with longing for one of these familiar wonders (grace) while reading a recent piece by Mark Galli, published on Christianity Today’s The Behemoth: The Ultimate Law of the Universe: Grace“.

Galli first summarizes how most of us orient our lives not around grace, but around law :

All along, at every stage, we try to manage the moral shape of our lives, often to prove to ourselves and to others that we have our act together, that we matter, that our lives are justified. We live as if the ultimate reality of the universe is law, that which can be measured and achieved by effort.

All too true. The “beautiful orthodoxy,” as Galli (CT’s newly appointed editor) calls it, of expressed Christian faith is that grace supplies an alternate ultimate law of the universe. I highly recommend spending 5 minutes reading Galli’s piece. Then spend the whole afternoon meditating on what it means that it’s actually true.


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