lent, an amateur’s confession

Our dear friend Caitlin Brock has put forward a call for humility and creativity during the season of Lent. We pray with her that we will sincerely seek God in a way “that will result in abundant celebration of His death and resurrection.” Thank you for these words, Caitlin!

wild wheat & honey

For the past few months I’ve been pondering, praying, asking “Why Lent?”, “What is Lent?“. And now, Lent season is here. I say season because, well, it will be some time. 40 days. Anything can be done for that amount of time and in the scheme of things, my attention to one focus over the course of 40 days is not much. But, it’s the purpose that has me fearing the worst in me, the part of me that has struggled with perseverance. The part of me that starts strong but quickly loses site of the finish line and joins a whole other race entirely. It’s not something to be taken lightly. And so, 40 days looms and excites me. I want to meet with my King in this. I want to engage but, with reverence, so that when Easter Sunday comes I will rejoice in the Savior’s…

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