From Ray Sikes: “For Linda on the cusp of our empty nest”

My dad is a writer who usually sticks to earthy, spiritually-yearning prose. But this small poem he wrote “for Linda” is a gem, and I am so grateful to be able to say that it’s all true, what’s written here. Please, read on and say a prayer of thanks.

Ray Sikes

Here we are with our children

Almost completely gone

And we wonder:

Is this house a home

And who are we without them?

For me it’s easier, to be sure,

My dear wife and friend,

Because you are a nurturer of all things:

Flowers, wild birds, mongrel dogs,

And not only children.

On the other hand, I am a mere man.

Still, I am not so different from you:

Longing for a home

We truly made one together

And it has been good.

When I was younger but all grown up

Like our own children are now,

I was too old for mother and father

But yearned for a sanctuary in the midst

Of all the craziness and toil.

Before you, it was only me,

And then it was us,

But it felt just like home

With only you and me and God,

That unbreakable cord of three strands.


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